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Captain Craig King

                Land Ho!

I had the good fortune, in 1996, to take a 20 day cruise from Panama City, FL. My plan was to head south for 10 days, turn around and come back. Obviously, I was a naive boat driver and not a captain at the time. Boating is never that predictable. However, I planned to either cruise down the west coast of FL to Key West, or to hang a left, across Lake O to the east coast. Well, the locks were closed for maintenance on the lake, so Key West it was!

The last leg of that passage was from Marco Island to Key West. Land was completely out of site when we spotted a tiny speck in the distance - Land Ho! - it was Key West. We docked at the Galleon marina, popped open a bottle of champagne and began a 27 year romance with the Keys.

Before I shoved off from Panama City, my neighbor told me if I stayed more than 12 days in the Keys I would have Keys disease. Well 2 years later I had a terminal case - that's a good thing! I spent those 2 years flying back and forth from Atlanta, and I explored 106 miles of the keys by water. I saw landmarks either walking or by cab. I docked my boat from Garden Cove Marina, in Key Largo to Walt's marina in Stock Island.

I eventually cruised Bimini, Port Lucaya, Walker's Cay and the Abacos. My boat safely rode out 19 hurricanes over the years. I recently cruised the Berry Islands and I look forward to Eleuthera and southward soon.


I founded FL Keys Cruising in 2020, to share with you, the good times that are to be had on the water. I look forward to seeing you have a great adventure! I'd love to have you come check out a sunset with me. After all, we're not guaranteed we'll get another one tomorrow ...

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